Project Updates Report March 9, 2022

BirbVote - BirbVote will be used to help lead the direction of the Birb project. The web app will allow Birb holders to vote on important proposals from the team and for community members to offer proposals.

Below you can see a video on how it works. Please note there will be a design improvement this is strictly the fully coded version with no design. We want to have it available to everyone as soon as the design is implemented.

NFT Marketplace - The blockchain developer requested all files to be in the Vue framework. We have someone converting everything to the Vue framework. After this, we will send files to 2 new developers helping the Birb Project. ScryptoKing and Crypt0jan. Once they check or fix any issues in the Vue framework files we will then send them to the blockchain developer. The smart contract developer will make the marketplace come to life and connect to contracts.

Birb Forum - Registration to the forum will begin next week on March 16 (US Time). The forum will be used to better organize our team and moderators. This will also be a place where developers can open their own forum accounts along with other team members. It will be easier to provide updates by having the team available to everyone. The forum is also a more personal experience for our community.

We will continue using Telegram but the forum will be where we will mainly post any updates. From there the updates will then go to Twitter, Telegram,, and other Birb social medias.

Social Sending

Our moderators and team will help us test the Birb tipping in the forum by next week when the forum is open for registration. The plugin will use moralis API to detect if the payment was made. Once confirmed it will show the tip status on the Tip History.  A user will have the option to tip privately or show your username. Any user can tip any other user. The team is excited to tip users that post good content or help other users. This is just one step in our social sending suite of upcoming apps/plugins.

Flock Protocol - We were able to make another payment to the Flock Protocol developer. The developer wanted much more extra for adding BNB as one of the tokens. We do what the community requests so Flock Protocol will be used for both BNB or BIRB. This payment will help speed up everything on the smart contracts. This is a very important development to the team and we have invested a lot of our own funding in this. The final payment will be given to the developer once everything is completed and we fully test online with no issues. Also, it would need to be deployed and all code in our server. Only then we will send this dev the final (and biggest) payment for the Flock Protocol development.

A Tor browser Birb wallet plugin will also release at the same time.


Our artist has worked hard on many new BirbBattle game character designs. I posted a few of them below. BirbBattles will be released sometime after the NFT Marketplace. This is one of our favorite developments and our artist has worked hard to make each and every character. We cant wait for you to see the entire collection and different Birb types!

Below is a sample of a Legendary BirbBattles NFT.

Project Organization and Restructuring - We are aware that we need to organize the entire project and staff. Right now I (PuffedBirb) have to take care of many things on a daily basis for Birb and also my brother.  By getting some help it will give us a lot more time to help manage the project well and most importantly to talk to developers on a daily basis.

Step 1 Marketing: Our first step is to organize a good marketing plan. We have Phillip one of our users that wants to help assist with this. If you have experience in marketing please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking for community members that are well experienced with graphic design.   Also social media post writing.  We want to know what you can offer us and the more we have the better!

If you are interested email us at Use Marketing as the subject.

Step 2 Support - We have been paying for the full suite of support tools at This is one of the world's best customer support software. We need a trusted user to assist us with answering some support questions. This would be paid monthly in BIRB tokens depending on the quality of the support replies. We are looking for a trusted member that can write well in English.

If you are interested email us at Use Intercom as the subject.

Step 3 Developers - We have learned it is much easier to work with known developers instead of third-party or freelancers. We want to welcome ScryptoKing and Crypt0jan to the Birb Development team. They will be assisting with back-end, front-end, and Vue development.

We still need more developers. We are interested in smart contract developers, react, vue, PHP,  and HTML/CSS.

We also need community members experienced in eCommerce for testing WooCommerce, Magento and other upcoming payment plugins.

Step 4 Project Manager - We need someone with excellent communication skills and high attention to detail. A user that has a motivated attitude that can adapt and thrive. Must have a passion for Birb, cryptocurrency, and DeFi.

This user also needs to be trusted as we will also need for CEX applications and all Birb LLC company documentation would be available to you. For this position we are also looking for a member that can write well in English.

It is also important that the project manager has strong and concise reporting skills. We need someone that will document and improve current project processes.

If you are interested email us at Use Project Manager as the subject.

Birb Merch Online Store

We are making a few updates to It will have the option to order merch with your own NFT. At the beginning we will have t-shirts and mugs. We will add more in the following days.

You can expect the announcement for this by Thursday.

How will it work?

All you need to do is add the name of the NFT which contains a number. For example: Birb NFT #2550 SuperBirb

You can do this on the product page itself. Don't forget our merch shop accepts BIRB payments for any order. You can also use your credit card securely.

New Website - The website should have been completed a while ago. This is strictly my fault as I have requested the design to be changed three times. I will personally start working on the website and any missing pages so that we can release the new website design as soon as possible.

I just want the best for the community and the website to me is our first impression to anyone wanting to invest in Birb.

There will be a slight modification to our logo. After speaking with the team we think the king armor and cape will show power and leadership. We would only add gold armor and a red cape to the current Birb logo.

BirbSwap Version 3

BirbSwap is one of our highest priorities as we want to have our own Farms as soon as possible. We are thinking of providing a percent of any Swap profits to the top 250 holders. We do want to have low fees to attract new users. The liquidity in pancakeswap is low as we have now burned close to 7 million BIRB that were once in PancakeSwap by using our hatching smart contract function. Portal

As we mentioned previously, close to 7 million BIRB have been burned that were once on PancakeSwap. The team is thinking of the best solution for this rewards portal. For now we want to offer a percent of the upcoming BirbSwap profits to the Top 250 holders.

Awarding the top 250 holders is something we had planned to do since the beginning of the project and we want to continue finding ways to do this.

Twitter Community Ideas

Twitter is a powerful tool and we want to start using it much more. I (PuffedBirb) provided the login information to a trusted user and can provide it to more trusted users if needed.

We would like your ideas on what type of Tweets, shilling or content you would like to see on the official Twitter account.

Please visit the URL below with your ideas. If we use your idea we will send you some BIRB tokens.

Submit Birb Twitter Ideas


We added a new Poker game with sound and a 3D style table as shown below. This gives a more enjoyable experience instead of a flat card-only poker game. A step closer to 3D multiplayer poker. We love the cards with our Birb logo. ❤️

We want to thank each and every one of our community members.  We understand our weaknesses and know where we need help and what we need to change. From now on reports will be some time in the first week of each month.

We want to provide you with as much updates as we can. We will be in this project for many, many years to come.

I tried to do too much on my own but I understand we need help and things will start getting much better.

Best Rergards,