Birb NFT Updates! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Birb NFT Updates! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!  Our team has been busy with the holidays. We received some excellent feedback from our community about giving BNB Rewards.

We have decided to provide BNB Rewards along with BIRB rewards when staking a Birb NFT.

The percentage we have now for BNB is below:

50% Birb NFT Staking rewards
25% Birb Buy Back and Burn
25% Birb Marketing Fund

For any Birb NFT purchases with BIRB, 100% will be used for the staking pool. Apart from this the team will provide monthly BIRB tokens to the pool.

We received a lot of feedback to give the most incentives we can with our Birb NFT's. This Christmas Holiday weekend has been busy not only for us but for most of our community.

This Monday we plan to start most of our marketing including a YouTube ad we have scheduled for Wednesday.

We also received feedback from several community members regarding the release date. Many of our members will be busy for New Year's eve and will not be available for the NFT launch. We decided to move our launch to January 3, 2022, which will be after the New Years' holidays.  We hope this can benefit all the Birb community members that are unable to join the NFT launch at the end of December.

A few improvements are being made to the Birb NFT smart contract.  We hope to make it not only a collectible Birb NFT but provide great incentives to collect them. There will be an announcement early this week with many Whitelist details, the cost to mint, and many rarity details.

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