Latest Birb NFT Developer Update

Latest Birb NFT Developer Update

Many of you including myself (PuffedBirb) and the team want the Birb NFT minting to be available asap. I can assure you that the Birb NFT developer is working daily to have our Birb NFTs as fast as possible.

In complex development work, one unexpected issue caused many changes to be made on the staking contract as well as on the enchanting, and some of the front-end pages.  Apart from many smart contract changes, many new custom javascript files had to be made by the dev in order to make the complex Birb NFTs work correctly on the front end.

You can see an image of some of the .js files needed below:

The developer is aiming to release the Birb NFTs in less than a week.  We do not want to say a date until fully confirmed. Minting, staking and enchanting will all be available on launch.

Please remember we are eager to launch our Birb NFTs to the community as soon as possible! (More than you can ever imagine). ❤️🦜

Below are the latest updates from the Birb NFT developer.

  • I got into a problem with the onchain metadata but I thought of a solution for the users. So, basically, the metadata is "final" on usual NFTs, but this means rarity changes (with enchanting), but this can be updated for the contract onchain and shown on the page.
  • I am finishing up other scripts and adding them all too: *Smart contracts for everything, commented. and *Website with web3 code implemented.
  • Uploading mint + gallery view loading both from cache and on-chain