January 23 NFT Development Update

Hello, Birb community. This is PuffedBirb I just got home a few minutes ago. I am exhausted and my eyes feel very, very heavy but the community is much more important to me.

I am posting another update from the Birb NFT developer. Before I paste the latest NFT dev updates below I want to take this time to personally tell you how sorry I am for the long wait for the NFTs. I wanted the NFTs released since January 3.

I assure you however that our beautiful Birb NFTs will be worth the wait. We wanted to release this past Friday but the developer is doing some final IPFS work. The NFTs are very close to release and the dev is excellent at what he does.

When you own a Birb NFT remember how much work went into them. I wish you could be me for a few minutes to understand just how much I want the NFT's to be launched. It is hard to put into words. I go all the way back to the first few NFT designs, the planning and all the work that the artist and many people had to do for them. Literally have had tears and sometimes not being able to sleep at nights because I want them to be launched for our community.

Below is a preview of how simple the Enchanting process will be.

Below are today's dev updates from a few hours ago:

Hello, sorry for the delay in reply, I have no electricity at home and have had to set up an emergency system

I have reuploaded the NFTs to IPFS and they were being spread on the IPFS chain again, the collection is mint ordered rather than rarity ordered.

All cost figures can be updated at any time  <- I asked if we can change the enchantment prices in the future.

PuffedBirb: I have asked the dev if we can release on the 25-26 of January (USA Time), I will let you all know what he says.  I will keep everyone updated as much as I can until the release of the Birb NFTs.