Birb Project Updates - December 14, 2021

Birb Project Updates - December 14, 2021

Flock Protocol Development Update and Preview

The developer working on the contract code for Flock Protocol also worked on the front end of this preview. You can see the preview below to give you an idea of how it will work.

The design will not look like the video, this is strictly for code and the dev is working on connecting to the contract code. We will implement the original design idea we had planned. You can see a preview of the design below:

Please note, there will be some changes and improvements!

Once the dev completes the contract code, he will connect the smart contract to the web application. We will then fully test on testnet.

Birb NFT's and Marketplace

All of the Birb NFT characters, different armors, clothing, and accessories are ready.  The artist is making final changes to more background color options and also a nice styled background to differentiate from the Legendary and higher-end NFT's. We decided on this because we believe it is important that a user can easily identify if they minted a high-ranking NFT.

We are preparing details for a whitelist giveaway. DBIRB holders holding a certain amount will also get a whitelist spot. More information will be provided when we announce the Whitelist. We want to make everything as fair as possible.

We are on track to release in December. Once our artist finishes the different backgrounds we will have a firm date and main marketing will start 1 week before.

You will be able to purchase Birb NFTs with BIRB tokens.

Here is one sneak peek at one of the unreleased designs. 2.0 - Update on the new website, whitepaper, and content.

We want to start the new year with a new website. We will keep improving the design until we feel it is perfect.

Below is just a small sample of part of the eCommerce page.

Birb Forum Is Coming

Birb will be creating a forum. This will allow members to open threads, make posts, read more frequent updates from devs, vote on important polls, and much more. We plan to have an image gallery for our members and also community members that own pet birbs as we have several!

The upcoming Birb forum will be powered by Invision Community. Invision Community allows the creation of custom plugins for the forum.

Social Sending
Our devs in charge of social sending will also be in charge of developing a forum plugin where one can tip BIRB tokens to people that create great posts, content, images, funny memes etc...

The Birb team is also hard at work on the first part of Social Sending, a BIRB tipping bot for Telegram. This will allow community leaders to tip members with good content, for events, and any member will also be able to send or receive BIRB tokens.

The social sending web portal is being redesigned to be as user friendly as possible. We would love to show you a preview on the next project update report.

BirbGames Now Has 2 New Games 🎲

We have now added Dice and Sic Bo to BirbGames! BirbGames now has 2503 players! For now get 500 Free Credits when signing up to BirbGames.

Top Holder Casino Rewards:
The top 250 holders will continue to receive Birb Casino rewards on the 12th of each month.

BirbGames was just a surprise release for the community. This is however a beta version and games will be improved, including the look and aesthetics.

Facebook Ads Are Coming ⭐

We have a community member that is designing some ads for us. He has years of experience in graphic design and Facebook ads.

Here you can view one of the Facebook ads he has designed for us:

Matt will be designing several banners including some for our NFTs. This is just one form of advertising we will be doing.

Matt, the designer will also create some square ads that can be used for both Instagram and Facebook Ads. As the date nears for the NFT release we will be doing extensive marketing via multiple social platforms.

BIRB Play to Earn NFT Game (BirbBattles) 🥳 🎮

The main thing for BirbBattles is the creation of more character NFTs and some backend work by the dev. BirbBattles is scheduled to be released shortly after our Birb NFTs and marketplace.

Phase 1 of BirbBattles will be first to get released. Also, please note Birb NFTs and BirbBattle NFTs will be completely different. Only BirbBattle NFTs will be playable in the game.

Rewards Portal 💰

The dev in charge of this will be on holiday starting on the 17th but will be back after Christmas so we can put the portal online asap.  The new rewards portal is almost completed. The dev is doing extensive testing on Android and iOS.

Birb Burning! 🔥

Birb continues to do daily burns! Birb started with a max supply of 100,000,000.

Our total supply is now 93,404,064. To this date, 6,595,936 BIRB have been burned.