Birb Project Updates - Feb 2, 2022

Birb Project Updates - Feb 2, 2022

Birb NFT's (Stake NFT to Earn BIRB and BNB)

Latest updates from NFT dev:

  1. Minting and collection pages work perfectly or at least they did so in my testing
  2. Staking loads fine have to adapt the page since each one has the menu separated
  3. Nice, today I have had a hard day of a lot of coughing, so it's been hard to get much done, would love to give you full test tomorrow. Mint and collection work on testnet on the page I sent you already so you can check that out.


I was able to test the latest minting and collection.  The collection page is where you view the NFTs that you purchased.  The final step is testing the 2 final pages staking and enchanting. Once we receive the final version of those pages we can test then release.

I do want to say that the NFT developer is very good at what he does and just wants everything to work perfectly for our NFT release. Fuwa is a hard-working dev and I truly admire him.

I want the Birb NFTs to be released just as much as many of you. Things are looking good and we are at the final steps before launching our beloved Birb NFTs. ❤️🦜 2.0 — Update on the new website, whitepaper, and content.

Only 8 more pages need to be completed on the new website.

When all pages are completed we will hire a conversion rate optimization specialist. They will carefully look at the homepage and all pages. They will tell us what needs to be changed/improved to improve clicks/leads for each page. We will share the report and video they provide us once it is completed.

We are aiming for a website load speed of 1 second or faster. All images will be well compressed while retaining quality. All external .css, js, and images will be on a fast loading CDN.  The lead artist is working on 3 new images for the new whitepaper.

Flock Protocol Developer Update

A new change is being done to flock protocol due to some community feedback. FlockProtocol will be for both BIRB and BNB. The developer finished all front-end work and is working carefully on the contract.

The developer gave me an estimated date of completion but we do not want to share this information as many of you know what happens.  If we share the date and the developer does not finish at that time it causes a delay.  We will no longer do this. After it is fully tested on the devs side and our side then we will announce a countdown.

Social Sending

Below is a preview of the Birb forum with tipping. In the profile settings, you can add your BIRB wallet.  It will use moralis API to detect if the payment was made. Once confirmed it will show the tip status on the Tip History.  A user will have the option to tip privately or show your username. Any user can tip any other user.

Sample below:

Why enable BIRB tipping in a forum?

We will be tipping users that make good articles, content, active members, and also members that help other users. Any member can tip any other member. The same dev group that worked on our eCommerce plugins is working on the forum plugin and after this, they will continue with the tipbot and portal.

BIRB Play to Earn NFT Game (BirbBattles)

I got our artist to make a few more final character designs and improved background card designs. We want a higher number of unique Birb warriors.  BirbBattles will be released after our Birb NFTs and marketplace.

You can see a sample of a BirbBattles NFT warrior below. There will be changes to the card background design and on card effects.

BirbSwap Updates

This is a very important development and I will feel better after the NFTs are released to fully focus on this and have constant communication with the developer.  BirbSwap will be completely updated. I will answer a few of the frequently asked questions. Many have asked about farms and yes BirbSwap will have farms. Also yes we will use our own router.  We also plan to make the fees one of the lowest that exists on any dex. Also yes, there would need to be a reward token.  It will be used only for farm and pool rewards. There will continue to be a Birb/Birb pool. The lottery and referral system will be updated as well.

BirbGames (3D Poker Game)

A new poker game is being worked on and will be installed on BirbGames after testing.  Expect an announcement on Twitter for the release. Cool sounds and 3D. A step closer to 3D multiplayer poker. ❤️

Referral system

We received community feedback about a referral system to give incentives for people to spread the word about Birb. This referral system is already being worked on and it will be used to reward the top referrers.

Rewards Portal

The developer said the rewards portal has some small minor bugs (mobile issues) that need to be fixed before release. It caused the devs issues as they needed to rebuild the design in React framework. Once all issues have been fixed the new Rewards Portal will be released.

eCommerce Plugins (Updated)

All three of our Birb eCommerce Payment plugins have been updated.  There was a bug causing multi-currency not to work. Each plugin required updates along with our API backend.

Accept BIRB payments with WooCommerce, PrestaShop and OpenCart.




Birb Burning!

Birb continues to do daily burns! Birb started with a max supply of 100,000,000.

Our total supply is now 93,101,995.

To this date, 6,898,005 BIRB have been burned!