Birb Project Updates - December 29, 2021

Birb Project Updates - December 29, 2021

A personal message from the founders.

Hello to our Birb community. This is a personal message from PuffedBirb and my twin brother Jesse.

There are a few personal details we feel are important to share with our community.  First of all, we are a small team working as hard as we can on Birb every day.  I PuffedBirb, have been taking care of my mother every Friday to Sunday night for several months. She started out with constant vertigo but this ended up being something much more serious. My mother is diagnosed with hydrocephalus. This is fluid buildup in the brain which causes her to have confusion, unable to walk without help, difficulty breathing, incontinence, and much more. For the past few months, I have been taking care of my mother every night from Friday to Sunday. My brother takes care of her the other nights. She only receives limited daytime skilled nursing home health assistance but nothing at night time.

We have a solution and that is to sell our current home.  Our home is paid for and it is too big for us.  The estimate value of our home is $280k-$310k USD.  Selling and downsizing to a smaller home will allow us to have a paid caregiver for my mother for a whole year.  Selling our home will also give us the funding we want to use for our Birb project and for much more constant marketing of our project.

This was a big decision my brother and I have made and we will put our house on the market immediately.  Once our mother is taken care of 24 hours a day we will have much more time for Birb while also feeling better that our mother would be in good hands with a skilled caregiver. She has gotten better but we pray one day she can be fully recovered.

Please note: The majority of our team and most of the developers were not available during the past week. We still decided to give a report of any updates. Starting after this report we will do biweekly (every 2 weeks) reports showing much more progress. We want to start this coming year much more organized with our developers and team.

Birb NFT's and NFT Marketplace

Check a small preview of our Birb minting page design below. We have more functions to add to our NFTs and received valuable feedback from one of the Chinese members (Phillip).

The Birb NFTs are extremely important to our project and we want to provide the most incentives to our Birb NFT holders as we can. We also want to make sure everything is released properly including our marketing. Everything is on track to be released on January 3. I will start with some Twitter influencers after I submit this report. Just need to make some quick updates to the NFT leads page. There will be a YouTube ad and other marketing as well.  We have had better results with Instagram Ads than Facebook Ads so there will be several more Instagram ads. One of our community members (Matt) is designing a few new banners that should be done by tonight.

Birb NFT Whitelist

Birb NFTs will be available to purchase for anyone but there will be a few limited Whitelist spots for a few minutes headstart.

Important: In the next Top Holder snapshot, we will be using the .csv spreadsheet file to give Whitelist spots to the Top 50 BIRB holders.  So if you wish to have a whitelist spot for Birb NFTs please unstake from any pools for the next snapshot.  You can see the countdown in the rewards portal

DBIRB holders holding over 50K will also receive a whitelist spot. We will use the wallet holding the amount. This snapshot was already taken at the time of this writing. DBIRB was an old token that was canceled and will be replaced with a new updated rewards token with better tokenomics.

There will be a few members that are active in Telegram that will be rewarded a whitelist spot as well. Also, members that provided valuable ideas to the team. Please expect a DM message by tomorrow to provide us with your wallet address.

Flock Protocol Development Update

The dev is now back yesterday from the holidays and continuing to work on Flock Protocol.  The dev has finished implementing his front-end work to the core design and is currently working on the contract code.

There will be some improvements including a random fee added to the wallet totals of 0.5% to 2%. These amounts are not firm and are subject to change. 2.0 — Update on the new website, whitepaper, and content.

The new website is coming along nicely. Our goal is to start the new year with a new look. This will be a more corporate style with a higher conversion rate design. We also plan to have the website translated into many languages to better help people understand Birb.

The Birb Forum (custom design) is also coming along nicely and will be released the same day we release our new website.

Members will be able to read the latest news, open threads, make posts, view more frequent updates from devs, vote on important polls, and much more.

The upcoming Birb forum will be powered by Invision Community. Invision Community allows the creation of custom plugins for the forum.

Social Sending

One of our devs is working on a plugin for the Birb Forum. This is a BIRB tipping plugin where anyone can tip $BIRB for great posts, content, images, and more.

The Birb team is also hard at work on the first part of Social Sending, a BIRB tipping bot for Telegram and our web portal. This will allow community leaders to tip members with good content, for events, and any member will also be able to send or receive BIRB tokens.

BIRB Play to Earn NFT Game (BirbBattles) 🥳 🎮

Our lead designer is still on vacation until January 2nd. Once he is back he will create a few more unique warrior designs for the 4 races.

BirbBattles is scheduled to be released shortly after our Birb NFTs and marketplace.

BirbSwap Updates

BirbSwap will be completely updated and connected to a new rewards token that will be used for providing rewards to farms and pools. There will be several improvements to the lottery and much more. This is to be released after the Birb NFTs. BirbBattles and BirbSwap will be the next major releases after the NFTs.

Rewards Portal

The dev working on the Rewards Portal is now back from the holidays and working on the portal.

Birb Burning!

Birb continues to do daily burns! Birb started with a max supply of 100,000,000. Our total supply is now 93,265,596.

To this date, 6,734,404 BIRB have been burned!