Birb Project Updates - December 21, 2021

Birb Project Updates - December 21, 2021

Birb NFT's and NFT Marketplace

Hello Birbs! The day many of you have been waiting for is here!  Birb NFTs are scheduled to release on December 31. We wanted to release before the Christmas holidays but our lead dev in charge of all NFT aspects will be available after the Christmas holidays. We prefer to have our NFT dev available for the launch.

You will be able to purchase Birb NFTs with BIRB tokens. 100% of any BIRB tokens used to buy the NFTs will be used for the NFT staking pool rewards.  Apart from these rewards, the team will be adding additional BIRB tokens to the NFT staking rewards pool.

The team also decided to accept BNB as a second payment option for the Birb NFTs.  There will be a discounted price when paying with BIRB tokens.  50% of any BNB will be used to Buyback and Burn BIRB tokens.  The other 50% will be used for marketing and development.

There will be the following NFT ranks:






Rare and Epic NFTs will have a gradient background.  Legendary NFTs will have a rainbow-colored background as shown below. This is done so you can visually see if you minted a higher ranking Birb NFT.


Birb NFT Enchantment feature.

This will allow you to turn commons into an uncommon all the way up to a Legendary Birb NFT.

Birb NFT Whitelist

Expect a Whitelist spots Christmas giveaway with limited spots. DBIRB holders holding a certain amount will also get a whitelist spot. This was done as the old DBIRB rewards token was canceled while we release a new reward token with some changes to the tokenomics.

The team is deciding on how to reward our top BIRB holders with a whitelist spot as well.  It may be BIRB holders over X amount. The top 250 may not be possible as some users hold enough BIRB to have several Top 250 spots. We will do it as fair as we can.

There will be a few members that are active in Telegram that will be rewarded a whitelist spot as well. Members that have provided valuable ideas to the team.

The NFT Marketplace will be released approximately 1 week after our Birb NFTs. We want the full focus of our first marketing to be for our Birb NFTs to be sold.

Please make sure to follow us on Twitter as we plan to release the full details by Christmas.🎄🦜

Flock Protocol Development Update and Preview

Dev finished implementing his front-end work to the core design. You can see how it looks in the video below.

There will be some improvements including a random fee added to the wallet totals. We are thinking of 0.5% to 2%. These amounts are not firm and are subject to change.

The dev will continue working on the flock protocol contract code. Dev will continue working on December 27, after the Holidays. 2.0 - Update on the new website, whitepaper, and content.

Everything is on schedule for our new updated website and whitepaper. We want to start the new year with a more corporate style on both our website and whitepaper.  We want a high conversion rate design and are putting close attention to even the smallest details.

Birb forum will be released on the same day.

Birb Forum Is Coming
The Birb Forum is coming along nicely and will be available to the community same day as new website is released. Members will be able to read the latest news, open threads, make posts, view more frequent updates from devs, vote on important polls, and much more.

The upcoming Birb forum will be powered by Invision Community. Invision Community allows the creation of custom plugins for the forum.

Social Sending

One of our devs is working on a plugin for the Birb Forum. This is a Birb tipping bot where anyone can tip $BIRB for great posts, content, images, and more.

The Birb team is also hard at work on the first part of Social Sending, a BIRB tipping bot for Telegram and our web portal. This will allow community leaders to tip members with good content, for events, and any member will also be able to send or receive BIRB tokens.

BIRB Play to Earn NFT Game (BirbBattles) 🥳 🎮

Our lead designer will be back for more Birb design work on January 2nd.  We need a few more unique warrior designs for the 4 races.

BirbBattles is scheduled to be released shortly after our Birb NFTs and marketplace.

Rewards Portal

The dev in charge of this will be back after Christmas so we can put the portal online asap. The dev is doing extensive testing on Android and iOS, different wallet DApp connections and more.

Birb Burning!

Birb continues to do daily burns! Birb started with a max supply of 100,000,000.
Our total supply is now 93,319,566.

To this date, 6,680,434 BIRB have been burned!