Birb NFT Video and Update

Birb NFT Video and Update

Below you can watch a video of Birb NFT Minting, Staking, and Enchanting working great with no issues.

We are checking up on the last details of the main website for a good user experience.  We asked some people to help test (Android phones) and (iPhones) and get a final look in case we missed anything.  The only issue I saw was some incorrect NFT names but this was taken care of quickly and the dev is hoping to release some time this week if no issues arise.

You will know once our launch date is coming when the countdown is announced.  It will be Twitter first so please make sure to follow us @BirbDefi on Twitter.

Birb NFT Partnership

We are excited to announce that we have secured an important partnership (NFT marketplace project) that should help spread Birb NFT's to new users with their large userbase. It will be announced the same day as our countdown.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for the countdown!