Birb NFT Short Delay

Birb NFT Short Delay

Hello everyone PuffedBirb here.

Before anything, I deeply apologize for the Birb NFT delay.  Before I paste the message from our dev I want to explain as simple as I can to our community.

Our dev fully tested Minting, staking, and everything in his own server environment.  We did many tests.  Even today we had minted successfully in Testnet several times on the devs server environment. Everything was working great.

The issue began when transferring all files to the main birb server.  The VPS server has many caching settings and also security hardening settings to try to prevent DDOS and other hacking attacks.  We also have a professional Cloudflare plan with many advanced firewall and caching settings enabled.  I believe some of these caching settings were causing issues with the minting and staking user interface.

We will work hard to fully test on the main server and resolve any issues asap.

Again I truly apologize for the delay.  I will extend the NFT Staking rewards until the end of this year as compensation to all future Birb NFT holders. This is 5 months of added rewards.

Immediately after successful testing in our server and mainnet, we will announce the date and time. We will do this as fast as we can but it is important that everything works great.

Best Regards,
PuffedBirb ❤️🦜

Below is the message from the blockchain dev:

Hello everyone!

This is the person behind the NFT contract. I am a perfectionist, so since we detected a problem with caching of website that affects the UI for minting, I prefer if we can work on that to make sure there's 0 problems.
While we can rush out the page right now, I am adamant we must be sure no one has any problem using it.
Feel free to ask anything about it to me!