Birb NFT Developer Update

Birb NFT Developer Update

Below is the latest update from the Birb NFT developer.

· I randomised the mint order so the mint rarity is well spread.
· With this, I extracted the metadata for each image so it can be checked in and out of blockchain.
· This also means I have to keep track of collection order and mint order separately for metadata and image serving.
· I created a smart contract that holds rarity data on mint order for the staking contract. This is gas costly for me but it was the only option to have rarities work with pre-set numbers and images.
· I updated the staking contract so it can check and maintain rarity information through the second contract as well as keep working even if there's a failure on rarity contract check, keeping track of staked and unstaked values so the rewards always work as expected.
· I worked out the metadata json files to serve them on the website that allows loading them faster. This also keeps OpenSea style metadata that allows to calculate % of rarity per trait, so these NFTs can be added on marketplaces such as PancakeSwap.
· The staking page is using a template for staking and unstaking similar to my project's, but the thing is that that is a framework element that I cannot reuse on raw html+js, so I am currently remaking that part of the page to stake and unstake the best I can.

Roughly put 20h on all of that last 2 days

When the updates to the staking/ unstaking page are finished we will announce the date and time.

We are eager to launch our Birb NFTs to the community as soon as possible!